Yvette Jackson

Global Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist and Makeup Artist


"I've been a long time customer of Yvette's, but I have to say I've experimented with other salons as well through the years. 

I'm a very price conscious person so I would try some of the other less expensive salons in hopes of saving a few dollars and getting the same quality haircut.  However, through all my experimentation the only thing that I found out is that Yvette goes above and beyond the price that she charges. 

Her attention to detail and pursuit of perfection are exactly what I am looking for in a haircut.  I can't tell you how many times I've walked out from other haircuts kicking myself for going there just to save a few bucks. 

I expect the same level of attention that I provide to my clients on a daily basis and from my experiences Yvette has surpassed my expectations.


Yvette has been my hairstylist for about 10 years.  She has such a loving personality and I always enjoy visiting with her. 

Her passion about her work is seen through her friendly personality, the professional service she delivers and her participation in training workshops to learn new techniques and enhance her skills.  She always strives for excellence. 

Yvette now cuts my children’s hair and shows a lot of patience with them as they wiggle around.  I appreciate her very much!


I have been a customer of Yvette's for several years... Too many to count. I was going to another stylist at Hudson but had been using Yvette for my "waxes" for a couple of years.  With just the waxes I had always been impressed with Yvette's positive attitude and her attention to detail.  Even though she was providing just a small service for me she treated me the same as if I was spending $200 with her that day.

The stylist I was going to retired and it was an immediate decision for me to start using Yvette as my hair stylist as well.  Once again I was impressed with her attention to detail and treating me as if I am the only one in the shop when I am in her chair. Yvette will try something new with your hair but will listen to you at the same time. Yvette attends style shows and takes training classes so that she is always on top of current trends.  

I love getting my hair done.  For me it is an experience and not just getting it done as quickly as possible.  There are times when I have appointments and need to leave quicker and Yvette can get me out sooner if I need to.  I always tease Yvette and tell her when I win the lottery I will hire her as my personal stylist....that is how much I think of her.  She is not only a great stylist but a wonderful compassionate Christian lady and I have been blessed with having her in my life.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!   I was so amazed at the instant face lift I received from the amazing brow treatment I got from Yvette at New Beginnings. Yvette is an artist at creating beautiful symmetrical eyebrows.  Along with shaping she also tinted my brows to be natural with my hair color, It's wonderful to wake up in the morning or take a swim and have beautiful eyebrows.


I’ve been a client of Yvette’s since 2005.

I first met Yvette when she worked across from my stylist at that time so I was able to observe not only Yvette’s styling technique, but her sincere concern for her clients as well as the finished style.

Over the past 4 years Yvette and I have made style and color changes to my hair, as the season and my moods have dictated.  I have always been extremely pleased with the results.   I am so confident in Yvette I have allowed her to take my forever shoulder length hair to short “pixie” that is minimal care with great looking results.

It’s a very subliminal experience to be able to place the care of my hair in Yvette’s very capable hands knowing I will be pleased with the outcome.


Competent, conscientious and creative are three words that describe Yvette Jackson at New Beginnings Salon.  For most women, your hair stylist is an important person in your life. Yvette has been doing my hair for more than 10 years and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  Not only is she a beautiful person through and through, she consistently does an excellent job.  While many hair stylists insist on “doing it their way,” Yvette listens to what you want and does her best to make it happen, while at the same time she is willing to try new things and introduce creative ideas for your consideration.

As a professional, Yvette is constantly learning.  She is regularly involved in developing, honing and updating her skills.  Not only that, Yvette enjoys what she does and takes an interest in her clients.  Never in all the years that I have been with Yvette has she not been flexible and willing to work me into her schedule if at all possible.  At the same time, she is very conscious of the value of her clients’ time and she does not help one client at the expense of another.  You can count on Yvette to not keep you waiting like so many others tend to do.  Her desire to serve her clients well and add real value to their lives through guides all that she does.  Technically, Yvette is outstanding with color and highlights; brow waxing and shaping and cuts that give volume to your hair.  Without hesitation, I recommend Yvette to anyone looking for a stylist who will always try to give you her very best.

And by the way . . . I often get compliments on my hair!


Yvette has been my hair stylist for nearly 20 years and there is a reason for that: excellent artistry and unparalleled customer service!  Two decades covers a lot of styles, and Yvette has always kept me looking and feeling stylish and sophisticated.  I always look forward to my appointment, knowing that she will give me such great service and that I will walk out feeling fresh and new! I love it when people ask who does my hair! If you love having great hair days, Yvette is your girl!


Yvette Jackson has served as a hairstylist for our family for several years.  We were initially drawn to Yvette due to the quality and attractiveness of her haircuts.  Over the years, however, Yvette has become not only a hairstylist, but a friend.  Her calm and soothing spirit adds to the overall satisfaction that we have had with our haircut experiences. 

Yvette is extremely professional, efficient, responsible, and punctual as well as friendly, happy and easy to be around.  She always strives to please her client by providing an attractive haircut that not only compliments her client, but achieves the look that the client had envisioned.  We have been very pleased and blessed to have Yvette as our hairstylist.

The Goodman Family